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IP is a global protection order. However, the use of copyright protection is mandatory for all artistic creations like films, books, music, and other multi-media productions. Having the right copyright protection can open doors onto local, national, and international platforms to showcase your work without risk of being imitated or copied.

Copyright services provided

Providing opinions on Copyright, software protection under Copyright regime, Related Rights (Performers Rights, Rights of Producers of Sound Recordings, Rights of Broadcasting Organizations) 

Copyright Assignments 

Copyright License Agreements 

National Intellectual Property Office dispute resolution 

Copyright risk evaluation and management 

Copyright based business strategy formation 

Copyright monetization 

Investment and transactional due diligence 

Copyright infringement actions 

Providing general advice on copyright and related rights 

Auditing your use of third-party rights  in your manufacturing activity 

Assessing the use of your own creations or third-party creations 

Formulating policies and drawing up new policies 

Providing consultancy regarding corporate documentation and process compliance in accordance with local and international law 

Protecting own creations 

Drafting, negotiating and reviewing contracts 

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