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Industrial Designs

A product design is the first visual identifiable factor of a product. Protecting this design, prevents unauthorized third parties from initiating your product, visually. The exclusivity of your design can be restricted to your business alone. Design protection is a lengthy process that needs to be done right, to ensure security of your design. We are skilled in this process.

Industrial Design services provided

National stage filing of foreign applications 

Filing and prosecution of Industrial Design applications 

Providing Infringement/Non-Infringement opinions 

Providing invalidity opinions 

Providing registrability opinions 

Payment of renewal fees and maintaining Designs 

Design Infringement, Non-Infringement and Nullity Actions 

Design Assignments 

Recordal of changes of Name/Address 

Recordal of License Agreements 

Renunciation of a Design 

Design risk evaluation and management 

Design based business strategy formation 

Design monetization 

Investment and transactional due diligence 

Study and advise on type of design that adapts to your needs 

Researching viability, novelty and individual character of the design 

Detecting your protection needs 

Preparing the documentation, specifications, drawings or any other graphic representation 

Registering your design in any country using international conventions where possible 

Defending your design against any attacks 

Providing customized surveillance and control services 

Valuing and auditing your design portfolio 

Defending your rights in different types of proceedings  

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