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Protecting your business and investments are vital. Taking care of the legal aspects is fundamental. The first step to securing your business is to register the trademark. By filing and registering your trademark you can safeguard, defend, assure, dispel problems and pave the way for the sustainability of your innovation, invention and your business.

The process is fully handled by us and it’s simple: file, register your trademark, delegate its defense and focus on building your business.

Trademark Services Provided

Availability search & registrability opinions 

Filing and prosecution of Trademark applications 




Recordal of changes of Name/Address 

Recordal of License Agreements 

Amending a Registered Mark 

Amending the Specification of a Mark 

Renunciation of a Registered Mark 

Drafting and publication of Cautionary Notices 

Appeals from rejection of Trademarks 

Infringement, Unfair Competition, Non-Infringement and Nullity Actions 

Researching the viability of your trademark 

Presenting the best short-term and medium-term solutions 

Preparing all documentation and filing the registration application 

Defending trademarks against any attack 

Providing a watch service for similar trademarks and confronting them 

Valuations and audits of trademark portfolios 

Manage trademarks, product and service matching, and compatibility 

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